Born: 1961 as Patrick Geerts (Villas)
Nationality: Belgium

Lives and works in France since 2013.

Artist and Design Commissions
2002 Koninklijk Museum voor Dierkunde Antwerpen, (Zoo of Antwerp), Belgium
2003 FIDEM- Promotion de la Medaille en Belgique, Belgium
2004 Life size Ostrich for private collector Paris, France
2007 Life size Tiger for Colony, Geneva, Switzerland
2007 Series of 5 ceramics for Royal Boch, Brussels (B)
2008 Series of 3 ceramic panther busts for Royal Boch (B)
2010 Art Bollart, World Expo Shanghai (China)

Awards (selection)
2014 Prix E. Jonchère, Fondation Taylor, Paris (F)

Solo exhibitions (selection)
1990 Gallery Couttenier, Kortrijk (B) (paintings)
1991 Foundation Nieuwe Molens, Brugge (B) (paintings)
1992 Foundation Van Brint-Van Sant, Antwerp (B) (paintings)
1993 Gallery Van Sant, Antwerp (B) (paintings)
1998-2012 Verlat Gallery, Antwerp (B)
2002 pAn, Amsterdam, Galerie Jörg Hasenbach (Nl)
2002 Lineart, Ghent, Plusgalleries (B)
2003 Classic IX, Galerie Jörg Hasenbach, Kortrijk (B)
2003 PAN, Galerie Jörg Hasenbach, Amsterdam (Nl)
2004 Antiek Den Bosch, Galerie Jörg Hasenbach, ‘s Hertoghenbosch (Nl)
2004-2007 Rafael Valls Ltd, Londen (UK)
2005 Paris Longchamp, Verlat Gallery, Paris (F)
2005 AAF, New York (USA)
2005-2008 Galerie Jean-François Heim, Paris (F)
2007 Royal Boch, Sablon, Brussels (B)
2010-now  Galerie Bayart, Compiègne & Paris (F)
2013 Orangerie du Sénat, Jardins du Luxembourg, Paris (F)
2014-now Galerie Calderone, Dinard (F)
2014-now The Latem Gallery, St Martens-Latem (B)
2016 Big Cats Centre d’Art Contemporain de la Matmut, Rouen (F)

1991 Co-founder of Art-Prom, a non-profit organisation
In 1991 Art-Prom, a non-profit organisation which aimed to promote the cultural life in Belgium by holding cultural events for the plastic arts (all disciplines), was found. Art Prom organized the Open Ateliers in 1993, 1994 and 1995 in the South of Antwerp. On these occasions artists opened their studios to the public. Open Ateliers was a project in collaboration with Jan van Broeckhoven, head of the Cultural Department Council of the City of Antwerp. In 1995 this project was officially adopted by the mayor of Antwerp Leona Detiège.

1993 Co-founder of Salon d’Artistes
The principle of the Open Ateliers gave birth to another project, Salon d’Artistes. This fair wanted to broaden the base of the art pyramid, and at the same time be a supplement to the official art world. On this occasion 200 artists exhibited together in 40 islands of 5 stands, this to enable the artist and the public to meet directly. Both fairs (1994 and 1995) took place in Mechelen, in the Nekkerhal, and attracted more than 20,000 visitors. For the Salon d’Artistes a catalogue and a cd-rom were edited. In the 1995 version of Salon d’Artistes, a Digital @rt Labyrinth was included so the visitor could get acquainted with multimedia, virtual reality, computer animation, digital printing, cd-i, internet, on-line performances, digital arts & groups, … The Digital@rt Labyrinth was organised in collaboration with Dr. Hugo Heyrman, painter, media artist, professor at the National Institute of Plastic Arts in Antwerp and with Silicon Graphics.

Bibliography Patrick Villas :

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Press articles about Patrick Villas (selection)

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Catalogues (selection)

Patrick Villas, Editions Galerie Bayart, Paris, 2013.
Patrick Villas, Editions Verlat Gallery, Antwerpen, 2009.
Patrick Villas, Editions Leonhard’s Fine Arts Gallery, Antwerpen, 2009.
Patrick Villas, Editions Royal Boch, Brussel, 2009.
Patrick Villas – Sculpteur animalier, Editions Galerie Jean-François Heim, Parijs, 2008.
Patrick Villas – Animals in Bronze, Editions Rafael Valls Ltd, Londen, 2007.
Patrick Villas – Sculpteur animalier, Editions Galerie Jean-François Heim, Parijs, 2007.
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Patrick Villas, Editions Galerie Jörg Hasenbach, Antwerpen, 2003.
Villas animalier, Editions Verlat Gallery, Antwerpen, 1999.


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