Frequently Asked Questions


Q1/ Does StringPad work with Xbox / PS4 / PC etc ?

Yes, StringPad only needs an audio exit to work, so you can plug it in your PC, console, tv, … It even works with a smartphone or tablet.


Q2/ Where / when can I buy StringPad ?

On Kickstarter! We launch on Kickstarter on Monday March 20th 2017.


Q3/ Where will it be available ? 

We’ll ship worldwide, perhaps not to Antarctica, but certainly to the US, Europe, Asia etc.


Q4/ What will the StringPad cost ?

We have different prices set on Kickstarter, if you’re quick , you can grab the (super) early birds discounts. In any case, getting one on Kickstarter will save you a minimum of bewteen 50 and 35 %!


Q5/ Do you have to be bald for the StringPad to work ?

LOL! No, some of our pictures and renderings have a bald guy, just so you can really see where the bone conductors touch the skull (a place called the “mastoid process”), but it’ll also work with a big hairdo, as there’s no hair just behind your ears.


Q6/ What’s the difference between the StringPad and other headphones ?

The big difference between StringPad and other headphones is that StringPad is not a mere headphone, but it combines sound and motion simulating, it combines sound in your ears with a sensation of motion behind your ears, creating a very realistic and immersive experience.


Q7/ What’s bone conducting ?

Bone conducting (source: Wikipedia) : Bone conduction is the conduction of sound to the inner ear through the bones of the skull. Bone conduction transmission can be used with individuals with normal or impaired hearing.


Q8/ What’s haptic or tactile feedback ?

Haptic / Tactile feedback (or haptics) is the use of advanced vibration patterns and waveforms to convey information to a user or operator. The word ‘haptics’ is derived from the Greek phrase ‘I touch’. (source: Google)


Q9/ Are StringPad headphones adjustable ?

Yes, StringPad headphones are adjustable in height to fit your head and the earpads rotate on their axis to adjust to your ears perfectly. The transducers are covered in an anti-sweat layer to provide even better comfort during those long gaming sessions and the earpads are in an ergonomical, durable material.


Q10/ What does the StringPad weigh ?

The prototypes weigh approximately 300 grams / 0.66 lb but that can vary slightly in the consumer version.


Q11/ Isn’t StringPad dangerous to use with those transducers on my skull ?

Not more so than any other headphones, as bone conduction is actually safer in regard to hearing loss. As we combine both though, it’s as with any headphone: if you’re going to use it at top volume all day long, you’re going to have problems. As for he transducers: you can regulate the effect of the force feedback to your own needs.


Q12/ How comfortable are StringPad headphones ?

StringPad headphones are more comfortable than ordinary on-ear headphones, as the pressure on the ear is greatly reduced due to the transducers that touch the skull behind the ear.


Q13/ Can StringPad work for people with hearing loss?

We haven’t done any testing so we can’t promise that StringPad will have the exact same quality effects, but bone conducting is used in hearing aids. In any case even people with hearing loss will get the force feedback.


Q14/ Does StringPad come with a waranty?

Yes, we give a one-year warranty through our manufacturer.


Q15/ Can a device be charging while using StringPad ?

Yes, you can use and charge the StringPad at the same time. If you disconnect the charger, the battery will last for up to 4.5 hours. You can even use the StringPad amplifier as a external power bank to charge your other devices.


Q16/ Does StringPad have noise cancelling?

Yes. For the immersion to be effective, noise cancelling is a must !


Q17/ Can I wear glasses with StringPad ?

Yes, if you watch our test videos, you’ll see different people with glasses using StringPad.


Q18/ Can you listen to normal music?

Absolutely, you can turn off the haptic feedback effect and use StringPad as a normal headphone, but you’ll hear the difference !


Q19/ What’s replaceable on StringPad headphones?

Certain parts are replaceable, such as: the ear cushions, the plug-in microphone, the cables and the TDM amplifier.


Q20/ Can I use StringPad without charging ?

Yes. If the battery is fully charged, it will last for up to 4.5 hours. You can even use the StringPad amplifier as a external power bank to charge your other devices.