Thanks everyone !

Ok guys, here’s where we’re at : as you know by now, we didn’t make it on Kickstarter, but we’re talking to a few potential manufacturing / distributing partners.
First off, we would like to thank our loyal backers and give them the opportunity to get their StringPad in the end at the best possible rate, so we’ll notify you here through tour website and facebook page as soon as we can.

We’ve been contacted by Indiegogo to launch a new crowdfunding campaign on their platform, we’re still thinking about this so we’ll keep you updated.
Also, we’ve been invited to do a new television show on Belgian TV that’s a format like ‘Shark Tank’ in the US, but we’ve decided to decline participating because we’re not looking for a plain investor, but for a real partner who will help us bring our StringPad to the level it deserves, so if you are/know of such a potential partner, don’t hesitate to contact us through the site or our social media!

Thanks for your support and enthusiasm !
Kind Regards, Edwina and the whole StringPad team


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