StringPad Giveaway Challenge !!

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  1. Victor | | Reply

    Please guys give it to me I’m a blogger and a pro csgo gamer !

    • stringpadcom | | Reply

      Hi Victor. Thanks for your message 🙂 What’s your blog called? Grs, Edwina

    • Jordan Mason | | Reply

      Well I’m pro rocket league why not give it to me !

  2. Lucas Torgerson | | Reply

    Your headset looks really cool and I think people need to give it a chance! Great Idea!

    • stringpadcom | | Reply

      Thanks Lucas for the positive feedback, we try our best 😉
      Grz, Edwina

  3. Kerim Marx | | Reply

    Hey there!
    I have shared now on all social media platforms I have and just wanted to wish good luck for your kick start !

    Also all my friends and community are exited for your product.

    Best wishes from Germany !

    • stringpadcom | | Reply

      That’s really nice of you, we appreciate it immensely ! Keep you informed soon 🙂
      Grs, Edwina

  4. Stuart Clarke | | Reply

    Shut up and take my money! I NEED this in my live like right now!!!!

    • stringpadcom | | Reply

      Hi Stuart, we’re going as fast as we can ! Grs, Edwina

  5. Moreira | | Reply

    Bonjour. Quand va t’il être disponible en France pour PS4 ?

    • stringpadcom | | Reply

      Bonjour Moreira,
      merci pour votre message. Nous lançons notre campagne de Kickstarter au moment qu’on a 5000 inscriptions à notre Newsletter, on espère que ce sera vite!

  6. Jan Niehues | | Reply

    I want this so much, already told my friends about it. Hope you reach the 5.000 😀

  7. Paul Holve ( SturmPablo ) ps4 | | Reply

    Hi, kann es kaum abwarten !!! Sieht TOP aus 😉

  8. Andrew banfield | | Reply

    Hi guys this seems like I great idea I love racing sims and feel that sound is very important, I’m looking forward to seeing what this will offer

  9. jason | | Reply

    Hi stringpad, can’t wait for the kick starter!

    question: what made you think of the name stringpad? is that the name of your buisness or the product it self?

    name idea: resonance pro’s?

    • stringpadcom | | Reply

      Hi Jason, thanks for your message. The name is a remnant of one of the earliest prototypes (with a pad and strings 🙂 It’s the name of the product it self. Grz, Edwina

  10. Denis Booneady | | Reply

    Aspetto con ansia questo gioiello! Andiamo!!!!

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